Business Qualifications

New Start Transports, LLC (NST) is a fully licensed business committed to transporting youth into rehabilitation treatment with dignity and respect since our founding in 2005. Due to the sensitive nature of our operations, professional liability insurance, specifically for the transportation of youth, has always been maintained.

All of NST staff are employees versus independent contractors; therefore, we carry professional responsibility and liability for our employees, thus protecting both employee and client.

NST is registered and in compliance with the TrustLine background check requirements in California. Employees are provided with and must pass the NST background checks prior to getting hired via an employment screening agency.

All employees are trained in the New Start Transport Intervention (NSTI) model and certified in Positive Control Systems (PCS). PCS is a crisis intervention training program that can be compared to a variety of other training models: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI), Handle With Care (HWC), Integrated Crisis Response (ICR), and The Mandt System. Additionally, all employees maintain current CPR and First Aid certifications.

NST is an affiliate member of NATSAP (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs), requiring our compliance with their "Principles of Good Practice."

In 2006, NST is proud to have been featured and personally endorsed by the Dr. Phil Show as their transport service of choice.

Since 2005, NST has successfully assisted over 1,000 struggling families and teens throughout the United States and abroad.

NST was founded by Clinton Hardy, a former participant of two youth rehabilitation programs, Jacob Hardy, a former participant of a youth wilderness rehabilitation program, and their parents.

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