Cynthia Strobell, RN


Cynthia Strobell, RN

Board Member

As a mother, the choice to send my son to a youth wilderness program was one of the toughest decisions I have had to make. After the arrangements were made for the program, I decided that my older son and I could transport him there by ourselves. I was wrong! The transport consisted of arguments, physical fights between my sons, and even threats and attempts from my son to jump out of the car while we were driving. It was a very difficult and emotionally-draining trip. I realize now that having a professional transport service with qualified staff can be extremely beneficial for both the parents and the youth. I am now glad to have the opportunity to work with other parents to make their child's transport a better experience than mine.

My name is Cindy Strobell. I have eight children (three natural and five step-children). I am a registered nurse. I have worked in the medical field for 17 years. I have also worked for the school district in the past as a tutor for youth that were struggling academically. Raising kids has proven to be extremely difficult and yet extremely rewarding. If you are dealing with a child that is out of control and making choices that may be placing them in danger, you may have decided that they would benefit from a youth program. You may be experiencing many conflicting feelings. You may feel guilty that you cannot handle your child on your own and that you are choosing to send them away. You may feel despair and be wondering if there is any hope for your troubled child. There is hope! There is a chance for a new start in their life! That new start can begin with your choice of New Start to transport and transition your child to their program. New Start is often the first part of a child's perspective to the program. We do not take this role lightly. This is why so much of the New Start approach revolves around the dignity of the child and providing an opportunity for a transition to occur on the way to the program.

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