Family Intervention

Family intervention may be defined as: A specific form of intervention involving family members of an alcoholic / addict, designed to benefit the patient as well as the family constellation. (definition of family intervention researched on-line)

A family intervention can take place for one or more of the following reasons:

  • A family member is an alcoholic / addict that needs treatment
  • A family member is making poor decisions that are affecting his/her future and possibly safety
  • A family member is suffering from an eating disorder to the extent that intervention is needed
  • A family member has a very low self-esteem and possibly attempted suicide

These are only a few of the many possible reasons for a family intervention to take place. Often the following professionals and/or services may be present at the time of intervention:

  • A licensed therapist of a treatment facility
  • A professional interventionist
  • A professional troubled youth transport service

All of these may not be present and in some high risk circumstances, more may be present. In some circumstances, close friends and other family members may be present to provide additional support to the intervention. Often the family member that is in need of help, will be encouraged, supported, and then asked to accept treatment help for their situation. In many circumstances family members may cut off certain ties such as financial help, cars, place to live, and other things that may help the troubled family member to realize that treatment is needed.

A family intervention should be organized and instructed by a professionally licensed, insured, and trained interventionist. Family interventions can take place to help a both a troubled teen and also a troubled adult family member. Please contact New Start Transports for more information on whether a family intervention is needed for a member of your family.

In the circumstances where a family intervention is being held for a troubled youth, a professional teen transportation service may be helpful. If the youth does not want to accept treatment after the support and encouragement of family members is offered, New Start Transports can provide a safe intervention and transport for the child to the program placement chosen by the parents.

We understand that a family intervention is not an easy choice for a family nor may it be what the troubled family member teen or adult may think they want at the time. However, New Start Transports would like to acknowledge the family members that have the strength to make tough decisions out of love to help a family member and/or loved one. Often denial on part of both the family and troubled family member is what prevents intervention from taking place for many that could benefit from it. Please consider seeking the advice of a licensed professional before making the decision to have a family intervention for a member of your family.

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