Founding Principles

Our Philosophy:

As also discussed in the "Our Values" page, the manner by which adolescent youth are cared for and counseled throughout their transport experience has a great influence on how receptive they will be to their program when they arrive. Furthermore, how an adolescent believes they were treated during a transport or the admission in general (e.g., fairly vs. harshly) can influence the adolescent's affective or emotional state at the time of admission. Although restraints and intimidation may seem necessary or even recommend by some, our professional transport staff are trained to transport anxious and resistant youth while implementing the principles of integrity, compassion, and respect throughout the entire process. The placement or admission process, and the perception of it, begins the moment the transport commences, making the approach and methods used by New Start Transports and its staff critical to the adolescent's willingness to comply and to receive help.

Our Purpose:

Making the decision to send your child or a loved one to a program is often overwhelming yet critical. Deciding the manner by which to admit your potentially resistant child or loved one may feel even more overwhelming. One of the fundamental purposes of New Start Transports is to remove much of this burden from the parents by recommending and utilizing the safest and most clinically appropriate intervention and travel arrangements to ensure a safe, caring, and therapeutic transport for your child or loved one.

Our Commitment:

Extending INTEGRITY, COMPASSION, AND RESPECT to every youth and parent with whom we work, along with integrating evidence-based approaches into all facets of the transport admission process.

New Start Transports is a family service that strives to serve each family and adolescent on an individual basis. This includes personalizing our transport admission process to each family and adolescent. In essence, we are committed to meeting the specific needs of each family and child to ensure a safe, caring, and therapeutically supportive transport admission.

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