Jacob Hardy


Jacob Hardy

Intake Coordinator, and Transport Interventionist

I am Jacob Hardy, Transport Interventionist and Intake Coordinator for New Start Transports (NST). I have found great enjoyment and satisfaction in working with adolescents. I have had many opportunities to work with youth across various occupations, including residential treatment programs, therapeutic boarding schools in ranch settings, a group home director and licensed foster parent, and NST. I strongly encourage parents who are placing their adolescent child in any treatment program or school to consider the option of a professional and personalized youth transport service.  My family and I learned this lesson the hard way when my mother and older brother (Clint) transported me into a wilderness therapy program.

In my early teens, I found myself struggling to find my identity in life.  As a result of this, or more particularly my problematic behavior that occurred during this time, my family decided to place me in a wilderness therapy program for teens and transported me independent of any outside assistance. I abruptly became aware of my family's intentions (for me to enter a wilderness program) after I reluctantly conceded to go for a drive with my mother and brother. It didn't take long for me to notice my mother's intensified anxiety and moreover that she was driving the opposite direction of home on the freeway. Almost immediately, I began to go physically (and verbally) out of control in a last attempt to persuade my mother to change her mind. At one point, I even opened the door on the freeway and threatened to jump out of the car. My mother was in tears for the entire trip. Notwithstanding this tough beginning, I successfully graduated from the wilderness program two months later. Still, as I look back the admission process could have been so much less traumatic for my family and especially me if my parents would have had the knowledge of and hired a qualified transport service.

Today, I am thankful to my parents and the wilderness program of which I participated.  I have committed most of my adult career to working with worried parents and struggling children and adolescents in similar situations. I am excited each time I am able to successfully intervene and provide a safe transport. When my family first founded our crisis intervention and transport admission service, we selected the name "New Start" because we believed, from personal experience, that the minute the transport process commences, the youth's (and family's) opportunity for a new start does as well. Although my professional path has taken me in some different directions from NST, I remain happy to help support the company in the capacities which I am able. Moreover, I have great confidence in both the mission of NST and the industry in which it supports, to save the lives of troubled adolescents and reunite them to their families with more knowledge and tools to be successful.  I believe that NST is able to provide a unique level of service that perhaps no other adolescent transport company can compare to.  With the founders of NST, being parent and student alumni of three seperate programs, I believe our company is capable of providing a more sincere level of care and perspective in the services we provide.

Beyond my extensive personal and professional experiences, I received my Bachelor in Criminal Justice from UNLV with Presidential recognition as the top graduating student. Additionally, I have been certified as a trainer in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) and maintain certification in CPR and First Aid. I have also been a certified instructor in Positive Control Systems (PCS). In addition to working with New Start, I operate a group home outside of Las Vegas and also work full-time as a corrections officer with the state of Nevada. My long-term (and childhood) ambition is to obtain full-time employment as a law enforcement officer while also continuing to support NST as I am able.

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