Adolescent and Adult Therapeutic Transport, Crisis Intervention, & Support Services:

New Start Transports (NST) offers the following intervention services:

  1. Adolescent Therapeutic Transport Services
  2. Adolescent Mediation and Transitioning Services
  3. Adolescent Supportive Services
  4. Adult Transport, Mediation, and Transitioning Services
  5. Runaway Consultation Services
  6. Therapeutic Mentoring Services

1. Adolescent Therapeutic Transport Services –

NST's foundational specialty is its adolescent therapeutic transport and crisis intervention service. A therapeutic transport or crisis intervention may be appropriate in the following circumstances:

  • A child being considered for admittance to a rehabilitation program or facility. In this situation, the TIP will most likely occur at the child's place of residence but may also take place at a pre-approved location when circumstances necessitate it.
  • A child transitioning into a program or school who is currently residing in another setting such as another program, facility, or hospital.
  • A child transitioning from a program or facility back to their home environment.

NST's Transport Intervention involves the following:

  • Initial Intervention – The initial intervention is considered the most critical part of the TIP. This intervention, and the time leading up to it, is when the greatest amount of anxiety will occur for not only the child, but also any parents, family, or other professionals involved. The initial intervention will most commonly occur at the child's residence but, when circumstances require it, other locations can be approved.
  • Transition to airport (if necessary) – If the destination of the placement requires the use of aircraft, NST will transition the child to the airport after leaving the pick-up location.
  • Transition to program – NST will begin transitioning the child to the program after leaving the place of pick-up. The transition strategy largely depends on the method of travel. While the safety of the child and our staff come first, a successful transition can allow for the child to enter the program less anxious, more open, and better prepared for treatment.

2. Adolescent Mediation and Transitioning Services–

The complete Transport Intervention service may not be suitable for every child. When a child is not treatment resistant, but family turmoil or other circumstances may not be ideal, NST can often mediate and transition the child more effectively and with less anxiety for all parties.

3. Adolescent Supportive Services–

This level of service may be appropriate when a child is or has been an active part of the program placement process and will need some additional support during the time of transport to the placement.

4. Adult Transport, Mediation, and Transitioning Services–

These services are incorporated when NST is providing intervention and support services to an adult. It is important for parents and professionals to understand that an adult cannot be physically coerced into treatment. Even if a court has mandated that an adult participate in treatment, only law enforcement, under the direction of the courts, can provide such services. NST can mediate, transport with encouragement and support, and transition an adult to their program.

5. Runaway Consultation Services–

NST can assist parents find and contact the resources necessary to locate a runaway or missing child. In the event where parents have arranged a transport intervention and the child runs away before NST arrives, we can assist in locating the child.

6. Therapeutic Mentoring Services–

NST staff strives to form an initial rapport or bond with a child or adult during their transport. Per request and upon approval, NST staff can be retained as a mentor during and after their time of placement.

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